S4E15: The Visa

Seinfeld 4×15

The Visa

Jerry returns from a two week tour to find that his old friend Babu, whom Jerry drove into bankruptcy by suggesting he change the menu in his restaurant, is working at the cafĂ©. He’s also living down the hall from Jerry, who is shocked to find that Babu is arrested for overstaying his visa. Turns out his visa application got mixed in with Jerry’s mail. George meanwhile asks an attractive lawyer, Cheryl, to go out with him. She laughs at everything he says and he tells Jerry to butt out and not be funny. When they hear that Cheryl does immigration law, they ask her to take care of Babu’s case. It doesn’t go well. Kramer meanwhile returns early from fantasy baseball camp. Kramer it seems tried to brush back Joe Pepitone leading to a bench clearing brawl where Kramer knocked Mickey Mantle unconscious.

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